About Us

Designed by Professionals

Nutrishape was founded by two experts in the fitness and bariatric medical fields; Dr. Huffman, board certified bariatric physician and Mr. Elayan, long time fitness expert and fitness equipment inventor. Together, they studied national and regional weight loss programs and discovered that each seemed to focus on one or two components of a comprehensive weight loss program but none offered all of the essential components of a comprehensive weight loss program which are proven to produce long-term success.


Dr. Huffman and Mr. Elayan set out to create a unique and comprehensive weight loss program that included nutritional counseling, exercise supervised by exercise experts and offered in a state of the art fitness center in their local community, and behavioral modification lesson plans and goals all supervised by a team of bariatric physicians, nurses, dieticians and for the first time ever with the participation of their own personal physician. The NutriShape weight loss programs are so comprehensive that they can even offer bariatric surgical patients preoperative and postoperative weight management programs

Our mission statement: To help educate, support and supervise patients on their journey to a permanent healthier weight loss.